Alternative Lifestyle

Are you in a non-traditional relationship,
into kink, or a sex worker?

Have you been looking for a therapist that you could talk about these topics openly without the fear of shame or judgment? Our therapists are familiar with non-traditional relationship orientations. We understand how open relationships, polyamorous relationships and other non-monogamous relationships work, including their unique challenges, and will work with you to attain or maintain healthy relationship dynamics.

 Our therapists are kink friendly and will listen to your sexual concerns without judgment. This may be your first time in therapy or you may have previously seen a therapist who made you feel that your sexual interests were not normal or deviant in some fashion. You will never be treated that way at our practice. We will listen to all aspects of your life with an open mind and an affirming nature. If your sex life is part of the reason for you entering therapy, we will help you to clarify goals, and work toward a healthy sexual dynamic for yourself and your partner(s).

Lastly, if you are a sex worker and have been looking for a safe place where you didn’t feel like you “had to lie” about the nature of your work, be treated like novelty instead of human (or shamed) once you disclosed, or have it be immediately assumed that it’s unhealthy for you to work in this industry, then look no further. We will treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve and address the concerns you bring to therapy with the utmost compassion.

We will help you live your truth!