Group Therapy

Adult DBT Skills Group

Are you having a difficult time managing your emotions, maintaining relationships, or identifying your goals in life?

This 6 month group includes the full DBT skill set of mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. We will teach you skills to identify and regulate emotions, decrease problem behaviors, gain and maintain healthy relationships, identify goals, and build a life worth living.

DBT Skills Training Groups are a component of our Comprehensive DBT Program. We also offer the option of joining a DBT group to new clients who are receiving appropriate individual treatment outside of the practice. If you are not receiving individual therapy elsewhere, you will be required to see one of our therapists while in the group.

Unsure? Schedule a 15-minute phone consultation! Ready to learn skills? Call for an intake today!

Advanced DBT Group

For patients who have completed a standard DBT group 

Mondays 6 PM
Group leader: Dr. Monica Johnson 

If you need a regular/standard DBT group, we are currently offering this in individual therapy sessions. All the same skills are covered as they would be in the DBT group. 

If you will be joining a skills group you will need to purchase the Skills Training Handouts Book.